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Health Tourism is growing in popularity among tourists with India holding the tag of being a hot destination for health tourism. People are becoming more and more health conscious and are on the look out for natural ways to keep healthy and fit. Many resorts and hotels cash in on this and offer many therapies to pamper the body and relax the mind of travelers. They offer varied kinds of therapies from Yoga and Ayurveda to Massage and other recreational activities.

Tourists expect to get fitter and healthier after the time spent in these resorts undergoing specially tailored treatments for them. Such resorts prepare fiber-rich and fat-free cuisine for health fiend tourists. We can guide you if you would like to stay at resorts which offer health tourism.

Medical tourism is developing rapidly in health sector and many travelers make use of the positive aspects of Medical Tourism. Medical Tourism significantly helps you cut down on medical expenses including surgeries not compromising the quality of treatment. Even many insurance companies are offering programs in medical tourism for its quality and scope. If you want to travel for medical reasons, we could guide you to get most out of it.

Ayurveda Package

  • Body detoxification Package
  • Rejuvenation Package
  • Weight loss/Slimming Program
  • Beauty care + Anti Aging programs
  • Pancha karma Therapy For different body ailments
  • Treatment package for Arthritis & Joint problems
  • Treatment package for Sinusitis & Migraine
  • Spine & Neck care programs
  • Treatment Package for Lower back pain
  • Stress & Strain relieving program
Package NameDescriptionDays
DetoxificationThe process of purifying the whole body to attain proper balance of natural humors of human body Vatha, Pitha and Kapha through the traditional healing system of kerala.7
RejuvenationBy rejuvenating body, mind and soul this therapy helps to strengthen all systems of body so as to achieve sound health and longevity7
Slimming Program To shed the extra pounds of the body through a systematic approach of our holistic science by removing excess fat and accumulated liquids from body. This program corrects metabolic error and stimulates the circulatory system to avoid any further deposit of fat.7
Beauty Care ProgramComprehensive beautifying program which consists of various natural herbal therapies provides real nourishment for skin to improve skin texture, complexion and body figure. This program helps to refresh the eye sight by removing tension in the eye and brings luster to the eyes and smoothes away wrinkles. 7
Panchakarma TherapyPanchakarma is a cleansing, balancing, healing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness depending on five basic purificatory therapies of Ayurveda to attain proper balance of Vatha, pitha & kapha, the basic doshas of the body. 7
Arthritis Management programAyurveda has very effective cure for rheumatic & arthritic problems and the treatments are offered as per the ailment history and it may vary patient to patient. 7
Sinusitis,Migrain, Head ache & Insomnia ManagementSpecial healing program helps you to get rid of pains, worries and aches. Ayura has one of the most effective and proven therapy program for subsiding sinusitis and migraines and it will help you to reset the harmony of your body & mind. 7
Spine & Neck care programsAuthentic Ayurvedic approach to keep your spine and neck healthy and to cure the problems related with it. Ayurveda therapies of this program may vary patient to patient depending on their present illness and previous complaints. 7
Lower Back Pain ManagementComprehensive solution for lower back pain by appropriate traditional healing methods of Ayurveda to cure the root cause which manifests as external pain. 7
 Stress & Strain Relieving programNatural de-stress program which pacifies your body, mind and soul.This program helps you to Control depressive tendencies, anxiety and other psychosomatic disorders and it corrects hypertension & hormonal imbalance. Improves the systemic circulation associated with induction of sleep. 7


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  1. True as said by you health tourism is getting popular day by day in India, and for health-conscious people, Kerala should be an ideal place for health tourism. The blog provides detailed information about the various packages and can be really helpful for people looking for a health tour. Thank you for providing detailed information.

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